How to beat anxiety

A healthier mind means a happier life. Living with anxiety isn’t easy because it cripples our minds with fear and worry. How can anybody be happy when that is the case? But there is a way that you can improve your state of mind that can also show you how to beat anxiety.

Positivity is the key. You might say that if it was that simple, everyone would be more positive despite life’s difficulties! And it’s true – you can’t just magically make yourself feel positive at the drop of a hat. Thankfully, positive feelings can be easily induced by doing any of the following:

Dancing is a quick, easy fix to feeling more positive. How better to beat your anxiety than by dancing your troubles away? It works for a number of reasons. Firstly, it gets you moving, and that gets your heart pumping vital blood. Working up a sweat helps fight fatigue by sending a stream of fresh oxygen to your entire body. Dancing also helps you connect your body, mind and emotions; improves coordination; grows your confidence; and is just plain fun! And of course, to get you dancing, you need to put on your favourite playlist. Which leads to the next tip!

Music is such a powerful mood-enhancer. The powerful link between our emotions and music is no secret either. You know from life experience that your favourite song and get you up and dancing, or bring back a flood of memories that moves you to tears. But just how powerful is music at improving our health and wellbeing?

Numerous studies have shown that music can: reduce and ease pain – there is often music playing in ICUs and waiting rooms for this reason; music can speed up recovery; help to induce a peaceful and meditative state of being; improve the quality of our sleep; reduce stress; and improve the function of your blood vessels, and can help effectively treat depression.

All these findings show just how powerful music is at beating anxiety, so the next time you are feeling blue, put on your favourite tunes – and remember to dance too!

Good Food
Food is known to be one of the most powerful medicines on the face on the planet – and better yet it’s natural and enjoyable. Eating nutritious and healthy food has such numerous benefits that have been proven beyond any shadow of a doubt too. You’ll feel more energised and motivated, you’ll become sick less often and with less severity by boosting your immune system with all that goodness, and you’ll feel more positive about your choices and how your body feels.

The good news is that it shouldn’t only come down to making healthier food choices – there are other powerful ways of enhancing this. Eating food that is healthy but delicious and tasty acts on our brains like drugs! Feel good hormones are released when we eat good food that is yummy too. And another thing to do is to enjoy your meal with people you love in a happy environment.

Family and Friends
Making quality time for your family and friends is a sure way to beat anxiety instantly. Loneliness is a very real contributor to depression and anxiety. We are social beings by nature, and this shows. Spending time in the company of those we love can lower blood pressure and decrease stress.

You can enhance this stress-busting family time by doing other activities known to reduce anxiety. Getting out into nature together, having a couple of laughs at the movies, or doing a sporty pastime with your family will also help you get your mind off your worries.