How to combat anxiety attacks

Your teen years are a time of great change, and so it’s natural that you may feel some accompanying anxiety. It’s possible to feel that you have pressure coming at you from every side: your parents, your educators, even your friends. Awkward as it may be to say, you also have a lot of hormonal changes occurring; as well as psychological, emotional, and physical growth. If you have asked yourself how to combat all the anxiety that comes with being in your teens, you can rest assured that you aren’t alone!
Be Healthy
One of the best things you can do for yourself is to start making healthy lifestyle choices. This may sound boring, and like something only older people need to concern themselves with, but eating right and exercising will give you more energy and confidence, and greatly reduce anxiety.
It’s easy to feel like you aren’t really comfortable in your body with all the changes that are happening. Exercising can help you take control of your body and ease this feeling. It releases feel good chemicals and increases your confidence by making you more comfortable in your body, and giving you a sense of power and accomplishment.
Eating well doesn’t mean that you can’t indulge in a burger and fries every now and then! Just adding a little more fresh fruits and veggies to your diet, as well as other healthy snacks can improve your wellbeing and help you focus when studying.
Appreciate Support and Allow Openness
Do you ever feel like everybody is just interfering in your life? You possible feel that your parents, guardians, and educators are bent on meddling in your life and telling you what to do. This is true to an extent, and you are well within your rights to feel that you deserve more privacy and independence. This constant battle of wills can very easily cause you to feel frustrated, stressed out, and anxious. However, the majority of the time you can bet it’s because you are cared for, and the adults in your life mainly only want what’s best for you.
That’s why there is a little thing called compromise! Your parents, for example, are a lot more likely to give you more privacy and independence if they feel that they can trust you, and you can do this by being more honest with your parents and educators. It’s as simple as seeking their advice on certain matters, and also by allowing them to support you and be there for you when you need them most.
Good Friends and Ambition
A great way to combat anxiety is to remove negative influences from your life. This can unfortunately be quite tough, as those negative influences are usually friends or family. If your friends encourage you to do anything you aren’t comfortable with, and if you feel that a lot of negative things have been effecting you as a result of your friendships, it’s time to get out of there!
Good friends are meant to support you, encourage positive activities, and should care enough to want to see you happy and well. You should be polite but honest with your friend about why you won’t be spending time with them anymore, and try to be sympathetic about their feelings.
You should then engage in new hobbies that can help you make friends with positive people, all while doing something that you enjoy.
Focusing on your studies, sport, or other activities give you a healthy focus and drive. Just because you are young doesn’t mean that you can’t have your own personal goals that you work toward. As a matter of fact, you should. You focus your time on something healthy, you learn strong attitudes (hard work, focus, and persistence) and your confidence is boosted as you reach different milestones.
On a final note, please do visit the school counsellor or speak to your doctor if your anxieties are overwhelming you. A medical practitioner – that you are comfortable with, of course – will be able to assist you in finding the best coping strategies and overcome the challenges you may be facing.