How to cure anxiety with cognitive behavioral therapy cbt

Cognitive behavioral therapy, known as CBT, is an effective method used in the treatment of anxiety, depression, overcoming phobias and addictions, beating eating disorders, and a number of other conditions. It teaches sufferers how to cure anxiety with simple methods that can be implemented into daily life.

The most inspiring thing about CBT is the abundance of evidence supporting its effectiveness. This is because it is designed to help you change negative thought, behaviour, and emotional patterns. Considering CBT is a powerful step forward.

Find a therapist: finding a good therapist is something that should be hurried. It’s important to know that there are a number of therapists that aren’t properly qualified, ready and willing to take vulnerable people for a ride. Put some time and effort into researching a therapist. You must check that the therapist is licensed and regulated. Every qualified therapist is registered with a local board which you may have access to.

You can also look at online reviews from various different sources. If you can, book an appointment with the therapist to discuss your various questions. See how they respond and trust yourself about whether you feel comfortable with the therapist or not. It’s a delicate issue – not one to be taken lightly – and it is well within your rights to follow these steps.

Implement the steps you learn into your daily life: a therapist can only do so much for you. You spend most of your life outside of therapy, and it is essentially up to you to take what you learn in therapy and apply it to life where it matters.

Self-help: this is not a solution for how to cure anxiety that is recommended, effective, or safe for everybody. Somebody whose anxiety is the result of a trauma should seek professional help, as self – diagnosing and attempts at self-treating the problem can often do far more damage than good.

For a fortunate number of sufferers, self-help using CBT is a possible avenue. It will require some dedication to get research and get the facts together. One very good option is to order a CBT self-help package off the internet (check reviews and recommendations to make sure you are getting the best package possible). There are also a number of great books focused on how to cure anxiety using CBT.

Either way, it’s always highly advised that you find support and encouragement, which leads to the next step.

Join a group/forum: whether you are actively seeing a therapist or going the self-help route; having a support system in place is an incredibly important aspect of your healing. If you can find a local support group where you can meet up once a week or once a month, even better!

But don’t be disheartened if you can’t. There are an abundance of excellent online forums and groups where other CBT patients can meet to exchange inspiring stories, offer support and encouragement; share tips and advice; and help motivate one another.

Remember that this is only an option if your anxiety or disorder isn’t easily triggered by having access to the internet. In the event that it is, it’s best to avoid online forums, and rather turn to a trusted family member or friend.

Track your progress: Keeping a journal throughout the duration of the therapy is a great way to track your progress. This journal can also be used as a place to keep your CBT worksheets if you want. Remember, your journal shouldn’t discourage you when you don’t meet your goals. No one is perfect!

And remember, the success stories of others certainly have their place, but none is more important and more encouraging than your own story of how you cured anxiety.

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