How to fight life long anxiety

Anxiety can be chronic. This means that the onset of the disorder is gradual, and that the symptoms and effects of the disorder are persistent. Many people unfortunately suffer from lifelong anxiety. It doesn’t have to be this way for you. You are capable of overcoming anxiety no matter how long you’ve suffered from it. Here is how to fight anxiety, and conquer it for good.

Get a Professional Opinion
No beating around the bush – see your doctor if anxiety has been plaguing you for months or years. There is no shame in this at all. Anxiety is a real medical disorder, no less worthy of a trip to your doctor than if you were suffering from high blood pressure or migraines. Your GP is qualified to diagnose anxiety and help you find a suitable treatment.

You won’t be forced to do anything you aren’t comfortable with either – no therapy and no medications if that’s not what you want. Your doctor will be able to suggest alternatives to conventional therapy such as cognitive behavioral therapy, music therapy, or even yoga! The advice of medical professionals is invaluable, and will certainly be able to set you on the right path.

It’s also important to speak to your doctor about confronting and eliminating triggers from your life. We all have bad habits, and we all suffer addiction in some or another form and to varying degrees. When these interfere in our lives and cause us anxiety or depression, it’s definitely time to seek help.

Overcoming addictions is not something we are designed to do alone, and in the cases of physical addictions or psychological disorders (alcoholism, eating disorders, self-harming, drug addiction etc.) medical assistance is required. You want to improve your well being, not do yourself further harm. Having the support of family and friends is important, but having medical assistance is crucial.

Here are also some tips on how to fight anxiety that you can try on your own (and with the support of friends and family), and that are more or less simple to fit into your daily life.

Lifestyle Changes
The body and mind are linked. When the body is healthy, the mind is stronger too. Take it upon yourself to improve your wellbeing by exercising, making conscious food choices, and having a good bedtime routine that you stick to as far as possible. The key to doing this is being realistic, making it enjoyable, and then practising your new routine until it is second nature.

A Healthy mind
Taking care of your health as mentioned above is imperative to fighting anxiety, but should not be done on its own. You also need to make changes to your attitude if you want to overcome this battle for good.

Start by taking an objective look at things. Do you maybe complain a bit too much, and hardly ever show your gratitude? Are you sometimes unnecessarily mean to people and gossip often? Maybe you always just expect the worst of people and also believe that everything is bound to go wrong. Here’s news for you – anxiety can be a direct result of such negative attitudes and behaviours.

If you want to change your life around and be free of anxiety, it’s going to start by making the choice to free yourself of these kinds of thoughts and actions.

Environmental Changes
Finally, one of the greatest factors in some anxiety-sufferers is environment. An unhappy work place, relationship, or household is bound to affect your well being. Don’t worry if you aren’t in a position to make huge changes like moving out or getting a new job (although you should aim toward this if your happiness truly depends on it).

Focus more on smaller changes that you do have control of. Communicating effectively with the people in this environment is a good start place. You may even be surprised at what your small positive changes do to help others and make a happier environment for all.