How to get rid of nervousness

Nervousness and anxiety can sometimes completely take over your life. You may say no to a date with your dream partner because you are too shy or nervous to be alone around them. You may even refuse a better job opportunity because of your anxieties, and the hold nervousness has over your life. Thankfully, there are ways to improve your confidence. These steps below will show you how to get rid of nervousness and keep it away for good!

Identify Your Patterns and Responses
First thing’s first: identify what triggers your nervousness and what your responses to a nervous situation are. For example, perhaps you feel that you aren’t interesting or good–looking enough for your potential date. These negative emotions will then leave you feeling nervous about being around them, because you think your date won’t be impressed by you, and that the night will end in disaster.

So how do you respond? Do you decline the date? Maybe you accept but then cancel later. You may even go on the date but then because of your own nervousness you end up being shy, quiet, and awkward – bringing your worst fears to life.

It’s fine! The great part is that now that you are aware of these thoughts and reactions, you’ll have the ability to change these habits and combat your nervousness.

Practice and Support
One of the easiest and most effective ways of combating nervousness is to practice. Just think about that for a second. Most of what is comfortable or easy for you are things that you are familiar with. How did you become familiar with these things? By doing them a lot, of course!

The same is true for just about anything in life. Firstly, find a trusted family member or friend that can help you with your practice sessions. In keeping with the above example, you can have a friend pretend to be your date and help you as you become more comfortable answering questions about your life, and asking interesting questions about others. It may be very funny or awkward at first – and that’s OK. Not taking yourself too seriously is a great way to bust nervousness. And laughter is good for you!

If you don’t feel comfortable sharing this with your friends and family, you can always join a social etiquette class, or something similar. These classes teach you how to be a better conversationalist, how to be more confident and gracious, and ultimately; how to get rid of nervousness.

Of course, your nervousness may not stem from social situations. In this case, the basics still apply. You can practice overcoming your nervousness with a trusted partner according to your unique situation, and can attend classes that help you in the area you need improvement in. The possibilities and options are all out there.

Challenge Yourself
Practice may make perfect, but this only really benefits you if you are able to take what you’ve learnt and apply it to the real life scenarios that once caused you nervousness. That will actually mean accepting invitations, accepting new opportunities, and saying yes more often to the situations that you would usually refuse. It is hard at first, but don’t let this deter you – even this becomes easier the more often you do it.

Remember, you are free to take this at a pace that you are comfortable with – you surely don’t have to rush into anything and end up overwhelming yourself. As long as you consistently apply the coping techniques that you practice to real life scenarios, you’ll start seeing a marked improvement that is sure to boost your confidence.