How to overcome anxiety disorder naturally

Pregnancy is a powerful time in any woman’s life, and is certainly life–changing. It is a positive time (for most), and is an experience that you will want to remember with fond happiness. However, we shouldn’t overlook that pregnancy can also be a time of great anxiety and worry for many woman. Knowing how to overcome anxiety during your pregnancy is crucial.
Firstly, don’t get down on yourself if you are experiencing anxiety. There are so many hormonal, physical, and emotional changes taking place. Your lifestyle also changes to accommodate your baby, and finances could be a worry too. Therefore it’s completely normal to experience anxiety during pregnancy – the key is just to be able to combat it effectively so that you keep yourself happy and healthy, and enjoy your pregnancy to the fullest.
Preventive Measures
You can eliminate anxiety by not giving it a chance to begin with. You know you need to start making positive changes in your pregnancy early on – like to your diet and exercise regimen – but you can also make positive changes to your emotional wellbeing.
Join ante-natal classes or find a doula/ midwife that can teach you about relaxing techniques you can practise throughout your pregnancy and even during labour and birth. There are a number of techniques that you can learn, and you’ll find what works best with you.
Also make sure that you get regular check-ups at your doctor, and keep lines of communication open with your trusted loved ones about how you are feeling.
Don’t also wait for anxiety to pile up if finances are a worry for you. You can reach out to social workers/ benefit plans now already; or even set up funding scheme. Look for maternity friendly work that you can do throughout your pregnancy so that you can save. Do not push yourself to work as hard as possible so that you can earn more. The physical and emotional exertion you’ll feel from this is not good for you or your baby’s health. This really is the time to work smarter – not harder.
Have Support
Yes, woman are designed to be strong – and pregnant ladies even more so – but we aren’t meant to cope with everything all by ourselves. This wonderful time should be shared with family and friends, and that means that you can also rely on them when things are a bit more up than down. Tell your family and friends how they can help you overcome anxiety by telling them what they can do to help.
A big part of this is being open with your partner. Most of the time, the men in our lives want to help us but won’t know how unless we tell them (they aren’t psychic, after all!). Sit down with your husband and let him know what your anxieties are and what he can do to assist. You may be surprised how willing he is to do extra chores around the home, or give you far more massages than necessary! Your family and friends love you and want to be included in your pregnancy, and a great way to do this is to be honest about how they can assist so that your stress and worries are greatly reduced.
Get Professional Help
At the end of the day you may try all these coping methods and still feel overwhelmed. Your health, and your baby’s wellbeing, is too important to just through in the towel. Speak to your health care practitioner about your anxiety and so that you may discuss the correct treatment options to suit your specific needs as a mom-to-be.