How to relieve anxiety naturally quickly

What if somebody told you that anxiety doesn’t have to rule your life any longer? Yes, we all have worries and stress to deal with – life will never be 100% perfect, but it can be 100% free of chronic anxiety. Generalised anxiety – a persistent and underlying fear in almost everything you do – can quickly rob you of your happiness if you don’t take action against it. Knowing how to relieve anxiety with these 4 easy tips can quickly turn that around.
Get Sporty
There is almost nothing better for improving your health and building your confidence than getting fit. Exercising works to relieve anxiety on so many different levels it’s almost unbelievable. It helps you connect your body to your mind, which is a powerful tool for fighting anxiety. Getting more active obviously also builds your physical strength and improves your energy levels. Looking better also helps many people feel more confident about themselves. The increase in oxygen and blood flow means that your concentration increases and so you do better in your work/ studies. All this with an added shot of feel good endorphins and you have the perfect stress buster!
Turn Up the Volume
Music is a healing tool. As a matter of fact, countless studies have shown that music (or music therapy) is better at fighting depression than conventional therapy. You don’t have to learn how to play a musical instrument to receive the healing benefits of music. Just simply taking the time to enjoy music, or even singing along and/ or dancing can help lift your mood. While a playlist can be composed of music that covers a wide range of human emotions, it’s best to avoid any songs that may trigger negative emotions, or leave you feeling down.
That said, why not learn an instrument? If you already know how, you can relieve anxiety by composing your own songs or even just practising. Having any kind of creative outlet is extremely therapeutic, and on top of that the benefits of learning an instrument are shown to be both mentally and emotionally beneficial.
Be in Nature
If you live or work in a very busy city or suburb, this can add to any anxiety you have. There’s always something: people shouting, the drone of cars and helicopters, sirens from police and ambulances. Combine this with the rat race we have to run for work, long hours in traffic, struggles with transport, and overcrowding everywhere; and you have the perfect recipe for anxiety.
Getting away from it all may be the exact cure you need for your anxieties. It doesn’t even have to be a big deal (like paying to go away for a long weekend). Simple changes make a difference. Take a friend and go hiking. Invite your partner out to a relaxing picnic in your local botanical gardens. Take your children to the park and play some ball with them! Being in nature is relaxing and helps to reset and refresh body, mind, and soul.
Spend Time with Loved Ones
Being in the company of your loved ones – and the ones that love you – reminds you of what’s important in life. It’s so easy to get wrapped up in work, and in your own negative thoughts of worry and stress. Having the love and support of family and friends who can show you how to relieve anxiety is invaluable. It isn’t only about leaning on them though. Just spending time with the people that matter most is shown to reduce stress and improve your mood.
Being there for them is just as important. Let your loved ones know what they mean to you – with both your words and actions. Sometimes the simplest way to receive help is to give help (where you can).
Implementing even one of these four tips into your lifestyle is going to turn things around for the better. Change takes time, so remember to be both persistent and patient when making these changes. It is bound to pay off sooner rather than later.