How to stop anxiety from taking over your life

Most people experience anxiety of a certain degree at one point or another. The stresses of life can easily get to us, and that’s absolutely normal. But once a situation is resolved, most can go back to leading an ordinary life. This is not the case for people who suffer from any form of anxiety disorders: worry takes over a person’s mind; and before you know it, you find your life controlled by the anxiety.

You are going to need to consider how to stop anxiety from taking over your life. You don’t need to be in a position where you cannot enjoy simple pleasures, or miss out on life’s great moments because of your anxiety. Employing these simple steps for how to stop anxiety will go a long way in helping you gain control over your well being.

Find Coping Methods
Having a way to manage anxiety is the first step to ultimately freeing yourself from its grips. Your coping method can be just about anything as long as it is healthy and beneficial (for example, one shouldn’t rely on things like drinking or smoking to cope).

Examples of some very good coping methods include doing positive affirmations or having a mantra that you can chant to soothe you; stretching to relieve physical tension; and practising calming breathing exercises.

It’s also good to implement these practises into daily life and do them consistently – especially on the days when you are feeling well, as they will keep anxiety away.

Say yes to something you want to do
Do you ever find yourself turning down invitations to something you would do if your anxiety wasn’t holding you back? A significant way on how to stop anxiety from taking control is to not let it make decisions for you. What anxiety holds us back from is different for everyone. One person may have social anxiety and turn down invitations to parties or even weddings. Another may want to travel and be adventurous, but declines in the fear of how anxiety will affect the journey.

The only thing you need to ask yourself is “do I want to do this”? If you do, then accept the invitation and follow the next step!

Let us use the example of going to a party if you have social anxiety. Saying yes was the easy part, but as the day draws nearer the anxiety usually intensifies until you find yourself making up a last minute excuse for why you will no longer be there. This is understandable: anxiety isn’t an easy thing to cope with, and old habits die hard.

Preparing for the event can give you are far greater sense of being ready and in control. The way to do this isn’t by obsessing though – thinking about every little thing that could go wrong and trying to prepare for that is only going to increase anxiety.

Instead, one should prepare with a positive attitude. Look forward to the event. Remind yourself that you have taken a big step toward being less controlled by your anxiety. When you talk about the upcoming event, let it be with enthusiasm and excitement. You know what they say – you’ve got to fake it until you make it!

Go for it
The only way to conquer is to do – and that’s simplest done by taking it one step at a time. The worst thing that can happen is that your anxiety will take hold. But you’ve been there before, haven’t you? You live with anxiety and still get through every day. The same thing applies – you will get through it! And having come this far, and with a positive mind-set, the odds are that things will turn out better than you ever expected.

So deep breathe in and enjoy!