How to stop panic attacks forever

A panic attack is a rush of intense anxiety. This happens without any warning or reason causing a sudden feeling of fear or nervousness. It usually last between five to twenty minutes. Even though it looks scary at times they are not dangerous and should not harm you. Panic attacks are not heart attacks and usually one does not need to be hospitalized after getting the former.

The most common signs of panic attacks include:
*Palpitations- irregular heartbeat
*Hyperventilation-breath shortness
*intense sweating
*sense of going crazy
*Tingling fingers

Causes of panic attack
Causes of panic attack can be both physical and mental. Physical causes are the physical symptoms which are caused when the body goes into ” fight or flight” mode. During this times the body will try to take in more oxygen which results in the breathing quickening. The body will then release different hormones such as adrenaline which will make the heart beat faster. Mental causes are mostly as a result of phobias

Panic attacks can happen to anyone without any particular reason or warning. This makes them really had to predict and its important to learn ways in which it can be stopped. Some of the best way in which panic attacks can be stopped or prevented include:
a)Regular Exercising:Different exercises such as aerobics and sports help when it comes to improving your mood, boosting your self esteem, managing your stress level and release tension.
b)Breathing Exercise: In case you suffer a panic attack this is one of the most effective ways of dealing with it.The technique is very simple. The idea is to focus on your breathing and you can count one to five between breathing in and out.
(1)Breathe in slowly and deeply you nose.
(2)Then breathe out the same way through the nose, slowly and gently.
c)To prevent further attacks you can avoid caffeine, alcohol and smoking which can make the panic attacks worse.
d)Stabilizing blood levels:This can be done by having regular meals
e) Phobic avoidance: Avoid situations that scare you.
f)Medications: Treatment such as antidepressants can be used reduce symptoms of panic but there is no cure.

Seek medical advice if:
1.The panic attack continues after doing 20 minutes of slow breathing.
2.Still feel sick after your breathing has normalized
3.You often have panic attacks which could be a sign of panic disorder.
4. You experience irregular heartbeats after the attack
5.You experience chest pains after the attack

It is important to note that panics attack are not heart attacks and can be prevent,avoided or controlled.