How to stop panic attacks from ruining your relationship

Something that isn’t addressed as often as it should be is how to stop panic attacks from ruining relationships. It might seem strange; but the fear, isolation, and unhappiness that comes from anxiety and panic can really affect our relationships. Often times, partners don’t understand what the other is going through, and both are left feeling as if they are suffering alone.

Panic and anxiety have no place destroying your relationship, no matter which side you are coming from. Following these steps should help you overcome any negatives anxiety brings to your relationship.

Honesty is Key
Honesty is one of the most integral parts of any relationship, whether anxiety plays a part or not. The last thing you want to do is to shut off lines of communication if you find that panic attacks are affecting your relationship. Reaching out and being more honest with your partner can start small. Tell your partner when you are anxious or stressed out, and try to explain what’s driving it. Be honest about how you need your partner to help and support you.

This still applies if you are on the opposite end of this. If you have a partner who suffers from anxiety, be honest about how you feel. Always be gentle and understanding of the fact that your partner is suffering from a fear-based condition. Do not be cruel or impatient when sharing your feelings, but don’t also pent up your emotions.

Help Helps!
We humans aren’t meant to be superheroes 24/7. We all get tired and frustrated. We all need a break now and then, or to reach out for help. If you are suffering from panic, ask your partner for the support you need. Your loved one isn’t psychic, and despite knowing you and loving you, they may not always be certain of how to assist you. Letting them know what they can do for you can take a lot of the burden off them, and helps your partner to feel that they really are there for you.

The same is true if you are the loved one of a person with anxiety. It’s normal and OK to feel that you can’t always cope. Reassure your partner of your love and support, but also let them know when you need help or need some rest.

Consider Your Partner Too
It’s easy to get wrapped up in your own thoughts and frustrations. This is true for any relationship, but can be especially prevalent if anxiety plays a part too. It’s normal to feel that you aren’t understood, and that you are completely alone when you are suffering from anxiety. It’s also understandable to feel like you carry a huge burden when you love somebody whose life is so greatly influenced by fear.

Considering your partner’s perspective and position when things get tough may help you to remember what’s important. Taking a step back can help you see that you have an amazing partner who loves and cares for you even though you are battling through anxiety; or can remind you that you are with an amazing person who is brave in the face of their struggles and who appreciates all of your help and support. These simple thoughts can have such a powerful impact on how to stop panic attacks from influencing the well being of your relationship.

Get Help Together
There is absolutely nothing wrong with deciding to seek professional counselling or therapy. Relationship therapists are qualified to assist with a range of challenges any relationship may face. Make sure that you are both willing to give this go, and also ensure that you are both comfortable with your therapist. It’s very effective if you are both willing to give the therapy a go.

Finding joy in your relationship despite the anxieties either one of you is facing is possible, and those anxieties can be conquered together. Your relationship will also have grown stronger for it, as a victory together brings out the best in you both. How to stop panic attacks forever.