How to treat anxiety

Anxiety is sometimes a chronic, lifelong illness. While most people only experience anxiety during particularly stressful times and only for short periods of time, others quietly suffer with anxiety for the majority of time –regardless of the circumstances. Knowing how to treat anxiety permanently with these long term options will give you the sense of control you need to turn your life around.

If you’ve been struggling with anxiety for a long time, considering therapies is a powerful move to make. Don’t be scared off by the prospects of seeing a therapist. Yes, it can seem very overwhelming in the beginning, but when you actually take a step back and think about it, there’s more to look forward to than to fear.

You’ll have a medical professional dedicated to your health and wellbeing! The best part is that there are a variety of therapy options to choose from, and that you can decide if you are comfortable with your therapist and happy with your progress.

Make sure to take your time finding a good therapist, and the right type of therapy: do you need group therapies or one-on-one sessions? Cognitive behavioural therapy, or standard, conventional options? Maybe you’d ever consider alternatives, like music therapy! No matter which choice you make, therapy can have very long lasting, positive effects.

And remember, the therapist you choose should be registered/ regulated by a national board, to ensure quality and professionalism.

Big Changes
Have you ever thought that maybe your anxiety is trying to tell you something? It is almost certainly a sign of some underlying unhappiness, trauma, or fear. It’s very easy to just come to accept that anxiety is part of your life, to the point where you completely start ignoring the very things that are causing your anxieties!

This could be any number of things in your personal life. Perhaps you are in a loveless relationship, or have been feeling stuck in your job for far too many years. Maybe there is a dream that you would love to pursue but feel you lack the confidence, or you are no longer happy in the area that you live in.

It’s time to make the big changes!

Anxiety can be a nasty, vicious cycle: your circumstances cause you anxiety, and then anxiety cripples you so that you remain stuck in your circumstances.

No: it may not be easy to get a new job, leave your relationship, move to a new city, or invest everything you have into your dreams – but it can all be worth it.

You’ll surprise yourself at how even doing one of these major things can give back your confidence and improve your wellbeing. It’s also very likely that you’ll realise that your anxieties have completely gone, because you took control of the situation that was responsible for it.

Take the time you need to prepare and plan, and always consider the pros and cons – or other people involved. Ultimately, the decision lies with you, and if it’s going to make you happier, it’s definitely worth considering.

Anxiety is an illness like any other. Feel free to discuss medications that can help your anxiety with your GP or therapist. It isn’t a choice to make lightly, so do not feel rushed or forced into anything. Discuss the different types of medications, costs, possible side effects, the adjustment periods (the amount of time your body should take to get used to the medication), and interactions with other medications you may take.

Don’t be shy to bring up any reservations or questions you have with your doctor or therapist. The choices will lie predominantly with you.

The decision on how to treat your anxiety in the long term requires some thought and patience. You might even need to implement different elements of all the above. Regardless, once you do take action, it won’t be long until you realise that an anxiety free life is completely possible.